Thursday, May 6, 2010

Night and Day gig

We celebrated ending the Temple sessions with a rockin gig at Manchesters Night and Day, photos courtesy Rivie Verran...

The Temple Sessions

Apologies for the long delay with no updates, we dove underground these last few months, locking ourselves away in the temple honing material for our first record, and only surfacing for the odd full blast gig here and there. The last 10 days saw us lay down 8 tracks for the record. It was a mighty experience, 15 hour days blurring into a whirlwind of intensity, but it brought the best out of us, and all the last years hard work has paid off with a genuinely special sounding record. We went for full live takes on individual parts, no drop ins or overdubs on dodgy sections allowed. If you fucked it up you were sent straight back to the starting line to play a full take again, each time summoning as much intensity as you could muster whilst hanging on the edge of chaos and the brink of a disastrous return to the starting line. This paid off with some raw, skitzy, electrifying individual performances that we could never have captured if we'd played by the rules of produced perfection. Here's some shots from our time in the studio. Stay tuned for more info on the mixes as well as upcoming gigs this Summer.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Deaf Institute gig

STRAYS kick start the coming festive season playing the Deaf Institute on Friday. The night is named High Voltage, and the Guardian newspapers weekly city gig guide has it touted as night of the week in Manchester. Get down there for some raucous rock'n roll...

Saturday, November 14, 2009


ONE YEAR ASTRAY from mickey smith on Vimeo.

One year astray and counting...

A skin of the teeth visual journey on the road with STRAYS...

Featuring latest demo BLIND BEGGAR, bend your ears and mind round it now on the MYSPACE page...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

All Away In Green

Last Weekend STRAYS played a blistering set at the Greenaway Pro down in St Ives, Cornwall.
The festival headliners exploded in front of an emotional crowd who packed out the venue to represent amongst an intensely charged atmosphere - lit up with incredible good vibes in memory of two well loved local kids who'd lost their lives under tragic circumstances.

Frontman Gary Briggs dedicated the night to Tom Greenaway and Unity Perkins , and called on the crowd to "Raise the fuckin roof in their memory". Raise the roof they did, as did STRAYS , who came back on for a further final encore after the crowd foot stomped in unison and the walls of the venue began to vibrate.

The weekend was an incredible tribute, the band were honoured to be a part of it, and massive shout outs have to go out to the organisers Richie and Matt .

Photos from the set were shot by Ally Sopp and Charlie Jay ...